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Newborn Portrait Session ​

Newborn photographers like to capture newborns as early as possible, preferably less than 2 weeks old. Fresh newborn babies are still comfortable with being folded up in a fetal position, as in your tummy. 

Newborn Portrait Session 
Newborn Portrait sessions are for babies up to 4 weeks old. The session takes place at our studio in Sunninghill. Newborn photo sessions last between 3 - 4 hours, depending on how settled Baby is on the day. If Baby is sick or has gas, Baby will be less settled and the session will take longer. 

Props & Outfits
​We have everything we need for our session at the studio – we just need Baby and You! I provide all the props, hats, headbands, wraps & outfits for your Newborn session. Baby's images will be of beanbag poses or props in use, I also take some close-up macro images to capture all of baby's cute little details. Once those have been captured, I do images of each parent with baby and then both parents with baby. 

Family Photos
Parent, relatives & Sibling/s images with Baby are included, although we will not have outfits or props for older siblings. If Daddy can't attend the whole session, that's fine, he can pop in for a short time and I'll make those images a priority before continuing with the rest. Daddy can wear black pants & a black shirt or a neutral tone shirt (try to match Daddy with the colour tones you are planning for your outfits) with beige chino pants. Please do not bring any clothing with any printed logos on, thanks.

I supply you with a Newborn Session Info sheet to prep you for your Newborn session as well as a Breast Feeding Guide, this helps you to avoid foods and drinks that form gas in your milk & cause Baby to be uncomfortable and in pain. If Baby has gas or is sick, Baby will NOT want to sleep or be posed and we may not get the images you want. Please follow the guides to assure this does not happen as much as possible.

You can rest assured that your Baby's safety always comes first and foremost in my studio


Editing your Images takes 6 weeks
Additional Images are available at R200 per image


This is an abbreviated version of our Pricing Brochure, for more information please look at Single Session pricing on Package Pricing


Digital package

  • 15 images, sent via email only R3 999


USB package

  • 20 images, USB only R4 950


Wall Art

  • 3 Frames (2x A4 & 1x A3) R7 300

  • 5 Frames (3x A4 & 2x A3) R9 450

  • 7 Frames (4x A4 & 3x A3) R11 550


Designer Albums

  • Printed Cover & Leather Back R7 340

  • Double-Stitched Leather Cover R7 700

  • Acrylic Cover & Leather Back R8 650


Folio Boxes

  • 6 Prints R7 075

  • 15 Prints R9 425

If you are interested in this session, please contact us via e-mail, Whatsapp or view our packages here

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